How it works (FAQ)

Since starting HAPPY MOTO we have always tried to style the business around making things easier for our clients, whether making sure we explain the Brazilian roads rules, or being as flexible as possible with the weather.

It can be quite intimidating traveling to a foreign country where you do not speak the language, but being mostly expats ourselves we understand this and our team strives to offer the most convenient, helpful and informative service possible wherever ever we can. And hey :-) It’s so much fun.

These are some of the services that you can expect when you rent a scooter or take a tour with HAPPY MOTO.

Our Guides.

We were between the first companies to start operating scooter tours of the city, and have done quite a few of them. All our guides are well trained, and we consider them to be the most experienced at giving Rio de Janeiro scooters tours, and our tours to be the safest in the city.

Wet weather flexibility.

We try to be as flexible as possible with the weather. If it is raining on the day of your rental or tour we can postpone your reservation until another date. If it decides to rain for a whole week and you aren’t able to take your reservation we are happy to refund the booking deposit.

Booking deposit flexibility, Flexibility in general.

Traveling can be unpredictable, and occasionally things may happen that are unforeseeable. We will do our best to understand and be as flexible as possible with your reservation whether it be a postponement, amendment, refund of booking deposit, last minute change of hotels or address, etc.
We are always contactable via cell phone or email, and are here to help wherever we can.

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Our scooters.

We use Honda scooters for rent and for our tours. As you will see, they are really good looking, and are reliable and good quality. Our scooters are checked for road worthiness before and after each rental, serviced every 5000km, and housed in a garage when not being used (they are also fed premium 98 fuel yumyumm!)

Guaranteed replacement.

It is very rare that we have problems with our scooters, but in unlikely event that you experience a mechanical problem we promise to bring you a replacement scooter as quickly as possible.

Flat tire.

In the event, also unlikely but still worth mentioning, that you experience a flat tire we promise to bring you a replacement scooter as quickly as possible. Please note: the cost of the replacement tire will have to be taken from your security deposit, as per our terms and conditions.

Driving hints and tips, and Brazilian road rules.

When you rent a scooter in Rio de Janeiro we will help to make your experience as safe, enjoyable and hassle-free as possible by discussing with you practical hints and tips to help navigate your way around the Rio de Janeiro streets more easily and safely.


Unsure of things to do in Rio de Janeiro? We are happy to sit down and help put together an itinerary to ensure that you get the most out of your scooter rental, just let us know when we deliver your Scooter.

Key under the seat.

If you accidentally lock your scooter keys under the seat, don’t stress, we will bring you a spare set as quickly as possible.

Wet weather clothing.

In case of rain we provide free of charge raincoat.

Access to the latest GPS technology (additional cost).

Preloaded with many Rio de Janeiro attractions, monuments, parks and gardens, museums, fuel stations, having a GPS is very handy, especially if you have limited time and want to see as many as much as possible on your scooter rental.

What do i need to rent a 110cc Scooter or use one during a tour?

To rent or use the Scooter 110cc the driver must be at least 21 years old and hold a valid motorcycle license for a minimum 3 years.

What do i pay to the guide?

The prices for our services are explained here. If you enjoyed the day, the guide will politely expect a tip :-)

How do I know what size helmet I use?

Refer to this conversion table.

MetricConversion_size of helmet_rioscooter

What happens if it is raining on the day of my scooter tour of Rio de Janeiro?

If it is raining at the time of your tour start then we will postpone your tour to another date that suits you. If this isn’t possible we can cancel the tour and refund your booking deposit.

So if it is raining and I am unable to move the tour to another date you will refund my booking deposit?

Yes that correct. We try to be as flexible as possible in regards to the weather.

For the security deposit, do you deduct the 1000 BRL from my credit card?

No, the amount is taken as a ‘hold’, not charged. This means that we hold the details of your card just in case anything happens, but no money is deducted from the card. We can imagine it is very inconvenient when you are traveling and a company deducts that amount of money, then it takes a week or more for it be refunded, so we use a ‘hold’ instead.

Do I need an International Drivers’ license to drive a scooter in Rio de Janeiro?

No, there is not a requirement to hold an international drivers’ license to rent one of our Scooters. You do need to hold a valid license from your home jurisdiction of the type and for the period as per the conditions on our rental page.

Is it difficult to find parking in Rio de Janeiro?

While it is not easiest, normally, Rio de Janeiro has marked specific motorbike parking all over the city. You will see other peoples scooters parked on the sidewalk around the city, but please be careful parking with them as you may get a parking ticket, and always respect instruction from local policemen.

Is it safe to park the scooter overnight?

Yes. Zona Sul is quite safe in general, and we supply with the scooter rental a lock for security against theft. It is always wise to leave a scooter together with some other motorbikes.

Can 2 people ride on a scooter?

Yes. Two people will fit comfortably on all our scooters. Note that there are many hills in Rio de Janeiro. It will be more comfortable experience for you to drive 110cc than a 50cc scooter, if you plan to go, for example, to Christ the Redeemer. We learned over time that 50cc are not best for knowing Rio de Janeiro.

Can i rent a moped in Rio de Janeiro?

Generally mopeds are the same as Scooter 50cc scooters, so no we do not rent mopeds. Read right above why.

What is the difference between the deposit and excess?

The deposit can be applied to any money owed by the renter to Happy Moto Rio, including but not limited to the insurance excess, parking fines, speeding fines, replacement of damaged equipment including helmets. The excess (a.k.a. deductible or franchise) is a possible component that maybe deducted from the deposit. The excess maybe reduced by payment of an additional fee. The deposit cannot be reduced.

What types of credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa and MasterCard. Sorry we do not accept American Express at the moment.

Will you deliver to and collect from the airport?

No, we do not deliver and collect  either Santos Dumont national airport (the small one) or Galeão (Tom Jobim) International airport (the big one). It is a lot easier to take the bus, cab, uber, to your hotel or hostel and relax. Show up in our garage the next morning. We will receive you with a big smile. 

Will you deliver to and collect from Barra?

Hey why would you stay in Barra?

Should i have Travel Insurance?

We recommend that you always hold adequate travel, health and accident insurance as well as trip cancellation insurance.

What are your opening hours?

We are happy to see you every day between 8.30 am and 7pm in our Garage, 7 days a week.

Do you charge for excess KM’s?

Yes. Our rentals include a daily limit of 200KM’s. When km limit is exceeded, the amount of R$ 0.50 per km will be charged. That said, we ride a LOT and it is truly difficult to make more than 200km on a scooter per day. In all these years noone ever did.

What sort of GPS do you provide?

We provide special GPSs adapted for motorbikes. They are from Aquarius and if you want see them, click here.

Can we request a specific colour Scooter?

We love blue. Don’t you?

We hope this information helps you with any questions you have… Additional questions, or anything else we can help you with please leave us a comment or send us an email.

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